Prices & Turnarounds

          To say the least, there are a lot of places you can go to have your trophy mounted and narrowing down the perfect place might seem like a challenge. With Wild by Design Taxidermy Studio, it won't be. We don't just offer you a beautifully done peice of art, but we provide affordable prices at an almost unheard of turnaround time for the quality of work that we provide. We of course have a base price for most of our animals and bases and habitat work usually run about 30% of the price of the mount, but each creation is unique and thats the way we must price them.  We have different ideas and options to fit everyones budget and home.

Most commonly asked prices...

  • Whitetail Shoulder mounts $575.00

  • Bear Rugs O.M $215.00/ft C.M 175.00/ft

  • Fish $15.75/ inch - Repro fish $16.75/inch

  • Lifesize Bear $350/ft

Most commonly asked prices...

  • European mount $115

  • Lifesize Turkey $650

  • Lifesize Fox $650

  • Lifesize Coyote $850


Whether it's your first deer, or your fifth trip to Africa you'll truly have an experience of a lifetime. And while you are guaranteed to always remember your hunt and the experience, a bad job on your trophy will dull the excitement and joy of showing them to family and friends and give a lack luster story to your adventure. Bring your trophies to a Professional Taxidermy shop that cares about you and your memories and providing you with the best job possible at a great price, We understand that you want your trophies back as soon as possible and we cater to our customers so they can recieve their finished trophies while the hunt is still relatively fresh in their minds.

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